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Wherever you are in the west, and at the end of 2020 across the country, this is the One App that will find the Best Local Deals and Steals that are Close to you RIGHT NOW.

If you're thinking "The Last thing I need is another worthless app,"
You might want to see why this one is different.

In Fact, C/NET calls it The Next Big Thing.

C/NET, Making Stores Smart

Find the Best Local Deals

They Pop-up on your Phone when you get Close!

YOU have all the control on
WHAT you see and WHEN.

It works off your phone's Location Service so you only see what's close to you NOW.

Our Businesses know they are competing for your patronage so they treat you special.

Take advantage of their Exclusive Deals or join their Loyalty Club.

You choose what you see from the 10 categories and there is even a "Do Not Disturb" button if you wish to take a break.

It operates in a Low Profile mode so your battery life is Not Affected.

Automatically find the Best Local Deals based on your location.

Download the App

Look for appSAVE®

Will it really improve my phone?
What are some of it's Features?
Will it help me communicate with Businesses?

This video was supplied by one of our Premier Suppliers.

Below are just TWO of the Exclusive Features

You've seen an explanation of Beacons but there are also Numerous Other Features of our Exclusive System...


We actually bring Google Maps Indoors as well as Outdoors.

As more merchants get their systems, your shopping experience will keep getting better so you can find what you need when at a Mall, a Store or Event.
It even knows what floor you are on.

Timely Alerts

Get them when they actually Mean Something.

Get alerts concerning what's around you NOW, not those constant messages about stuff across the state that you won't be near any time soon.
AND you control what you see.

Some call it The Find Cash App...

How nice would it be to find local deals that actually interest you, not the typical Bombardment of stuff that doesn't?

When you are Near a Deal, your phone can give you an alert and you choose the types of deals you want to see from our 10 categories, and you can even turn alerts on or off.

Click the Image for The Best of State

See the Best of the Best

And then the Best of City

Quick Reference

The Best of State is just that...the Best.

By Referral Only

A business can only be in TheBestOfState based on user references.
Nobody can buy there way onto the list.

Refer a Business

If you feel there is a business that is missing, tell us about it and why you feel that way.



Of these businesses are Customer Recommended.



Of them understand YOU are in control and it's their goal to satisfy your needs...PERIOD.

Beginning in Utah, then throughout North America and the Western Hemisphere.


Dr. Rick Mayer, Founder and C.E.O.

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